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We get it, there's a lot of choices when it comes to building websites, from doing it yourself to large scale system integrators. We make it easy. With friendly teams and reasonable prices, it simply makes sense for us to build your next website.

No compromise turnaround

Time is something nobody has enough of, and we appreciate that. During the first phase together we will choose a reasonable date for work to be completed. We can deliver a turnaround with no compromise.


We all like to get our money's worth, so we promise that the service we provide meets your quality standards, on top - our own internal quality checks will be enforced.


There is nothing worse than getting a product with no support. We will fully support your site after go-live. We make affordable and reasonable support packages, no matter how small or large your web presence.

Meet our team

A small team, with huge ambition

Clayton Smith

Director / Lead Developer

Meet Clayton, the Director for Notronixx and the Lead Developer for all our projects. You can have peace of mind knowing your project will be lead by a developer who knows what it means to be online.

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Could you join our team? All talent is welcome, designers, developers or even someone to just keep us company, contact us today.

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